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Freestyle Beats & Instrumentals

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What began as a small playlist for my friends is now Spotify's largest Hip Hop Instrumental playlist.  As a young entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggles young producers face as they try to make a name for themselves in the music community. From the hustle on SoundCloud to selling sample kits over social media, being a producer is not as glamorous as it seems.  For that reason, I have committed myself to helping young artists achieve their goal of discovery. You will find that my placement rates are not only fair, but that the placements themselves bring incredible results. With me, your music is guaranteed to get the recognition it deserves.

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Spend $30 or more and get 20% off playlist placements!


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The placement process is quick and easy. First, fill out the track submission form - found below - with the necessary information. If you're track is approved, you will be immediately contacted regarding the placement details. If you have any questions about timing, placements, or payments, please be sure to reach out at anytime. 

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